Tuesday, December 1, 2009

6 days

6 days and counting.... I'm leaving for the adventure of a lifetime soon. Uganda, East Africa: Source of the River Nile, home to the mountain gorilla, site of some of the world's worst human right's abuses. Home to kind, enduring, welcoming people who live with very little. Ugandans have a 60% literacy rate, a majority of the inhabitants live on less than $1 per day, in extreme poverty, a kind of poverty that is unheard of here.

So why am I going to Africa? Why Uganda? Why the northern frontier town of Gulu to be exact? It just happened to be the place I felt I could do something good. A place I could be stretched as much I could possibly be stretched. I'm going on a journey, for myself, for my growth and development as a human being, and I am going for the people of Uganda who surmount challenges every day I can hardly imagine, such as starvation, illness, violence and a lack of basics. I am going, not to fix anything, achieve anything, or become anything. I simply feel that I need to go, and thankfully, I have the chance to go now.

I sit in my favorite cafe, a block from my house, and write this first entry. I hold on to my experiences here with a certain intensity, a certain tenderness, knowing that my perceptions, my attitudes, my whole life will change dramatically in one week, and although I fear change and uncertainty as much as any other person, I know this will do me so much good. Maybe, I can do something good for someone else while I am there too.


  1. Go save the world super girl! I know you can do it! You & your goodness will be missed here in PDX so much!


  2. I am glad you will be blogging! We will be waiting for each one. Joyce

  3. Beautiful. So glad you are opening up your writing to share with the rest of us! :) Can't wait for more.


  4. I am so proud of you! I know you will have a positive impact on all you meet on your adventure. Always remember that at any given moment you are being thought of and prayed for. Please stay safe. I will miss you SO much!
    LOVE, Dad